Dogs as Pets: Myths Busted and Facts Stated

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Border Collie Dog Breed

Household food is possible, but difficult to balance over time. The distribution of bones is disputed (risk of obstruction or perforation of the digestive tract). Since the domestic dog has acquired the capacity to digest starch tens of thousands of years ago, it is useless and even dangerous to want to feed it like a wolf or a “primitive” Border Collie Dog Breed.

It is important to feed your dog with “premium” foods, rather than standard or low-end foods. Their daily cost is not much higher, given their better quality and digestibility (less quantity to distribute), and they can avoid a lot of health concerns related to a poor quality diet. There are foods adapted to the age, status (sterilized or not), activity, and health for each dog. Food is involved in the treatment of a number of diseases: some examples by following this link.

Some Basic Notions

Household Ration or Industrial Food?

It is possible, but not necessarily advisable, to feed his dog with household ration: it is then necessary to avoid the remains of table, meats “for dog”, and to build a balanced ration in proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, vitamins and mineral salts . This result is quite difficult to obtain daily in the long term, and an animal accustomed to steak chopped from a young age will not be very happy if one claims, one day, to pass it to the croquettes.

Very schematically, a household ration consists of one-third of meat (chicken, chopped steak), one-third of rice, and one-third of vegetables (to provide fiber, avoid fermentable vegetables), all representatives, at the adult, 40 grams per kg of dog and per day. (Double in the growing dog, with supplementation with vitamins and minerals).

Bones or No Bones?

This is a controversial subject! Chewing bones helps to fight against the installation of tartar, and to have a mouth in better condition. But not all dogs digest the bones well, and if there is one that gets stuck in the dog’s gullet or intestine, clogging/tearing the wall, then trouble starts!

Industrial Food: Premium, or Standard?

If you do not have the time or the desire to try to compose, day after day, a balanced diet for your dog with ingredients bought at the market, there is a vast range of industrial foods, available in the form of croquettes, boxes, cool bags, etc. In recent years, dogs and cats have at their disposal “premium” foods, croquettes or boxes. These are high-end foods, developed in research centers by dietetic veterinarians, using quality raw materials and elaborate manufacturing processes (extrusion to preserve vitamins, for example), to stick to the most close to the food needs of animals.

After these general considerations, some practical tips about the dog’s diet, at different ages of his life:

The Lactation

A puppy usually heads every 2 hours. If the puppies are orphaned, too many, or the mother does not care or has no milk, you will need to use a suitable formula. In fact, cow’s milk is less rich than the dog’s milk and is often poorly digested; causing diarrhea that could be the cause of the puppy’s death. The timing and amounts to be given depend on the age of the puppy. Try giving them some Canidae dog food. You can find Canidae Dog Food reviews here. So now for buying dog products from sites like the options are perfect for you. They are to be scrupulously respected and are indicated on the boxes.