Keep your Dog Safe: A Comprehensive Guide

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Border Collie Dog Breed

A dog cannot handle his own diet; it’s up to you to give the meals. Your habits have a strong impact on your health and your line. On this page, we list lots of tips to feed your dog, such as super Pro Plan kibble to keep in a container. They are drawn from my readings and experiences

This concerns both suggestions of canine accessories for food as a simple barrier to prevent access to the kitchen, as tips to avoid diseases partly caused by a poor diet (e.g. diabetes), bloating with a good bowl holder, lists of dangerous foods for your companion or methods for a happy dog ​​always having a water fountain available and eating to his fill.

Are Potato Skins Bad for Dogs?

Potato skin can be extremely dangerous for your precious doggie, as well as many other aspects of potatoes in general.

Why and How to Choose Dog Food without Carbohydrates?

Croquette brands now offer dozens of references. Kibble for puppy, for sterilized dog, for big dog, for a brilliant coat, for difficult digestions. The alternatives are not lacking and for a master, the choice can become complicated.

Comparative of the Best Hills Croquettes: Discover the Ranges

Famous worldwide, Hill’s is the world leader in the field of nutritional care for animals. It offers a wide choice of quality therapeutic kibbles, adapted to all conditions, which contribute to maintain your animal in excellent health.

Comparative of the Best Acana croquettes: Discover the Ranges

Still too little known in Europe, where it is mainly available on the web, Acana is nonetheless a benchmark for animal nutrition. Its ultra-nutritious products, fully adapted to the morphology and the health of your dog, will bring him all the necessary elements for his well-being and his daily vitality.

Dietary Supplements for Dogs

Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, dietary supplements are an effective supplementation to strengthen the nutrient intake of your dog. Age-related muscle and joint disorders, tone loss, growth, or gestation, there are times in your dog’s life when traditional food is no longer sufficient.

Raised Bowl for Dogs

Like the leash, the bowl is one of those essential purchases to make from the arrival of your little protégé at home. It is a daily object that will accompany him throughout his life. Solid, ergonomic, adapted to the size and character of your dog, the choice of the bowl of your companion is not to be taken lightly.

Can Dogs Drink Milk?

A big bowl of milk and a dog soaking his tongue happily in it. The scenario has something to soften you, right? Since your childhood, you are told that milk is good for your health. But, for dogs, it’s more complicated!

Classic scenario: you’ve been to fast food, bring back a nice portion of fries that your dog looks with envy. As a master lover of your dog, you are thinking of giving him some. After all, it’s nothing. But, is it the case? Some chips are good for him, right? So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you.