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    black and white puppy in a pink and blue coat

    Tess came to 2nd Chance as a puppy. Now at 1 year old has found her forever home.

    black dog sitting on a man's lap

    Boston formerly Buddy sitting on his new buddy's lap.

    border collie - black and white dogs

    Grady (left) and Grady with Boston (right, behind) his new friend.

    black and white border collie with black dots on the white

    The Collie-Formerly-Known-as-Bella (we had to do a name-change because we've got a human Bella) is doing great. She's learning that horses are nothing to get excited about, and she's figuring out how to walk nicely on a leash. She definitely still finds trouble to get into, but she learns very quickly and is doing great in obedience. ("Stay" is a little challenging for her — she definitely prefers action.) We're having tons of fun with her, and I'm enjoying getting out on the area trails with her every morning now that she's not trying to pull my arm out of the socket. Thanks so much to SCBCR for taking good care of her for me. :-)


    brown and white puppy with floppy ears

    I saw Red 2 weeks ago, and he seems very happy and loves his new human guy friend/adopter. I was lucky enough to see Red, before the goose patrol lady came to give them a lesson. Red has been adopted by the head groundskeeper for a Madison golf course. He claims, since Red as been at the golf course there hasn't been to many geese. I think Red will be famous someday in the Madison area, or have a article about him. :-) He is such a special dog that was over looked by so many people, but it is there loss.

    There are some problems to over come yet, but hopefully with this dog trainer, she is a positive dog trainer, Red will overcome, getting up on the golf cart, and have to teach him not to jump up on any golfers. ( that would not be good). Red goes home every night with his adopter, who lives out in the country. Has 2 other dogs he can play with at home.
    I brought my dog Skye with me, to the visit,Red and Skye were very good buddies. We let them loose on the course and they chased and ran, and chased some more. It was like watching 2 friends get together ,who have not seen each other in years. It was a sight.

    Red is a happy dog !!!!!

    Bree with Ed
    Bree has been adopted by Kelly and Ed.

    black and white border collie sitting in a chair

    JD (aka Johnny D.) came to us in December. As you can see, he quickly adapted to our semi-retired lifestyle. We've spent some of the long winter teaching & practicing basic commands. But mostly, we've just enjoyed his companionship. Border Collies are THE BEST!

    We're grateful to Laura & 2nd Chance.

    Rita & Bill



    Black and white, short coated border collie standing in snow

    Thanks so much to all who gave to help make Heidi's surgery and therapy a success. She is doing great. She loves her new home and her people and her new neighborhood dog friends up here in Wausau. She is very zoomie and loves to play with her sturdy, Border Collie proof toys. So entertaining to watch and enjoy her fun. What a sweetie!

    The pics are from across the street where there is a granite pit and fields where we take Heidi to run free. Such a joy to watch. She is a hill climber! So Zoomie. Nothing wrong with that dog anymore!

    Marion, Pete and Heidi

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