Types of Food that are Best for your Dog

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Border Collie Dog Breed

The dog’s diet is essential for his well-being, and I know something about it! As greedy as I am, I would certainly be in poor health if my mistress did not know how to feed her dog well. If you want to be sure to know the dog’s food intake, good practices and the best dog food, here are some tips that will be very practical!

Dog food: dry food or wet food?

Your first choice in dog food is between dry food (dog kibble) or wet food (dog pie).

Dry Food

Opting for dry food is an excellent choice because it is both convenient and very nutritious. Premium kibble contains all the food we need, and it’s delicious! They keep more easily than wet food, and take up less space because they are more concentrated. However, avoid low-end and entry-level croquettes, and always think of leaving a bowl of fresh water to your dog! Personally, I am unable to eat my kibbles without.

Wet Food

The wet dog food is often more appealing for us, but less convenient for our masters! It also has the advantage of being very wet, and therefore allows the dog to better hydrate. Feeding your dog with cans is a good idea for animals that drink little or have problems chewing. Generally, wet Border Collie Dog Breed food promotes oral infections, so a master will prefer dog kibble if he has a choice.

Feeding your Dog: Good Advice

Beyond the choice of dog food, it is essential that you adopt good practices! Just like yours, the dog’s diet must be healthy and thoughtful. No way to let your dog eat anything and everything, unless you want it to look like Jojo, my neighbor’s big Newfoundland!

Here are some good practices to know about canine food:

Water at Will

A dog always needs to hydrate. I’ll be quickly thirsty if my mistress did not think to regularly fill my bowl with fresh water, so do it!

Feed your Dog at a Fixed Time

Like you, your dog needs to eat regularly and reasoned. No way to feed him when you want, his meals should always be at the same time, ideally after you have eaten (the master always eat first to assert his authority).

Avoid Unlimited Food

To be sure of controlling the dog’s food intake, it is better to avoid leaving your food in self-service. In addition, the food may turn if you leave more than half an hour in the bowl. Better to remove the bowl after half an hour, whether your dog has finished or not.

Give a Suitable Ration

Knowing the dog’s diet dose is essential for a balanced diet. It is calculated according to the weight of the dog and thanks to the indications present on each box.

Last tip: if you want to be sure of the good nutrition of your dog: always ask your vet. He will be most likely to suggest a suitable and healthy dog ​​food for your dear doggie! So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you.